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Brand Name: ICE COOREL

Model Number: A9

Application Laptop Size: within 19 Inch

USB Ports: 2

Size: 19-inch

Package: Yes

Radiator Type: Air-cooled

Material: Aluminum & Plastic

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Type: Six Fans

Choice: yes

• High-Performance Cooling :Equipped with 6 fans, the ICE COOREL Notebook Cooler ensures optimal cooling for your laptop, enhancing its performance and longevity.

• Versatile Compatibility :Designed to fit laptops ranging from 13 to 19 inches, this cooler is compatible with a wide range of devices, including MacBook.

• Durable Material :Constructed from high-quality aluminum and plastic, this notebook cooler is durable and long-lasting, providing reliable cooling for your device.

• Ergonomic Design :The notebook cooler's ergonomic design raises your laptop to a comfortable viewing angle, reducing neck and eye strain during use.

• USB Ports :Featuring 2 USB ports, this notebook cooler allows for easy access to your device's ports, ensuring uninterrupted work or play.

• Certified Safe :With RoHS certification, this notebook cooler guarantees safe use, prioritizing your health and safety while enhancing your laptop's performance.

Product Parameter:

Model No.:A9
Type: Notebook Cooler
Applicable models: Notebook, Ultrabook, Gamebook
Heat dissipation method: Fan
According to fan configuration: 6 fans
Line length: 0.7m
Texture of material Metal: Mesh
Product size: 360*255*27mm
Product weight: 0.91-1.1kg
Packaging list: Radiator

Note:To ensure the best experience and prolonged use of your laptop stand, please consider the following important notes:

Stable Placement: Place the notebook cooler stand on a flat and stable surface. This will prevent any wobbling or instability during use, ensuring your laptop remains secure.

Size Compatibility: Ensure that the stand is appropriate for your laptop's size. It should comfortably accommodate your notebook without overhang or obstruction.

Ventilation Clearance: Make certain that the stand provides ample clearance for your laptop's ventilation system. Proper airflow is essential to prevent overheating and maintain optimal performance.

Adjustable Height and Angle: Our notebook cooler stand is designed with adjustable height and angle settings to cater to your comfort and ergonomic needs. Experiment with different configurations to find the most suitable position for typing and viewing.

Material Quality: Rest assured that our stand is crafted from high-quality materials designed for durability and reliability. However, handle it with care to maintain its integrity over time.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Regularly clean the stand to remove dust and debris that may accumulate over time. This ensures that your laptop is always receiving optimal cooling.

Port Accessibility: Ensure that the stand doesn't obstruct access to essential ports and connectors on your laptop. It should allow for easy connection of peripherals like USB devices, headphones, and power cords.

Transportation: If you plan to transport your laptop and stand frequently, consider the portability of the stand. Some models are designed to fold or collapse for easier storage and transport.

User Manual: Refer to the user manual provided with the stand for specific instructions and guidelines. It may contain additional information on setup, maintenance, and warranty details.

By adhering to these notes, you can maximize the benefits of your notebook cooler stand while prolonging its lifespan. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team for assistance.

Q: What is a laptop stand with six fans and adjustable height?A: A laptop stand with six fans and adjustable height is an innovative accessory designed to elevate your laptop, providing an ergonomic viewing angle while simultaneously cooling your laptop through six built-in fans. This combination improves both comfort and laptop performance.

Q: What are the key features of a laptop stand with six fans?A: The key features include:

  • Six Cooling Fans: The stand is equipped with six fans for effective laptop cooling.

  • Adjustable Height: You can customize the stand's height to achieve the most comfortable and ergonomic position.

  • Enhanced Cooling: The six fans ensure optimal heat dissipation to prevent laptop overheating.

  • Compatibility: These stands are designed to accommodate various laptop sizes.

Q: How do the six fans work in this laptop stand?A: The six fans in the laptop stand are powered by USB and are strategically placed to draw in cool air and expel hot air away from the laptop. This keeps the laptop's temperature stable during use.

Q: Can I adjust the height of this laptop stand to suit my preference?A: Yes, the laptop stand with six fans offers adjustable height settings, allowing you to find the most comfortable viewing and typing angle for your laptop.

Q: What are the benefits of using a laptop stand with six fans and adjustable height?A: Using this laptop stand offers several benefits:

  • Improved Ergonomics: You can set the ideal height to reduce strain on your neck and back.

  • Enhanced Cooling: Six fans provide efficient cooling, preventing laptop overheating.

  • Increased Productivity: A cooler laptop tends to perform better, resulting in improved productivity.

  • Versatile Compatibility: The stand works with a variety of laptop sizes.

Q: Is this laptop stand with six fans portable for travel or use in different locations?A: While it may be portable, the size and weight of the stand can vary. Some models are designed for easy portability, while others may be better suited for stationary use. Check the product specifications for details.

Q: How do I clean the six fans in the laptop stand?A: To clean the fans, make sure the stand is unplugged. You can use compressed air or a soft brush to remove dust and debris from the fan blades and surrounding areas. Regular cleaning helps maintain optimal cooling efficiency.

Q: Are there any safety considerations when using a laptop stand with six fans?A: Ensure the laptop stand is stable and properly supports your laptop to prevent it from falling. Additionally, keep the fan intake and exhaust areas unobstructed for optimal cooling.

Q: Can I use this laptop stand with other devices besides laptops?A: While the stand is primarily designed for laptops, you can also use it with other devices like tablets or even books, depending on the design and size of the stand.

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