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Item Type: Windscreens & Sponge

Brand Name: G-MARK

Model Number: C2

Package: Yes

Material: TPU

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

• Sound-absorbing Foam :The microphone pop filter wind shield is made of sound-absorbing foam that reduces unwanted background noise and improves the clarity of your recordings.

• Vocal Isolation Ball :The vocal isolation ball feature allows you to capture your voice without any distortion or interference from other sources.

• Easy to Use :The microphone pop filter wind shield is easy to set up and use, making it perfect for both professional and amateur musicians.

• Durable Material :Made of high-quality TPU material, the microphone pop filter wind shield is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Suitable for microhones:

The microhone windshield is suitable for most USB microhones, condenser microhones with a jacket diameter between 40-70mm. Comes with a holder for different size microhones.


Professional o filter efficiently reduce the losive, wind interference, saliva sraying and reserve you a rofessional clean voice and bright clear recording.

5-sided Noise Reduction+1-side Double Layered Filters:

Microhone foam screen o filter adots a 5-sided seal design to effectively reduce noise in different directions. The oening 1-side Double Layered Screen Po Filters can revent the divergent sound from during the recording rocess, the recetion is more secific, and the recording is clearer and true and rotect your microhone from the corrosion of saliva.

Light and Convenient:

Microphone filters have good noise reduction and acoustic noise reduction strength, it is not only suitable for ersonal live recording but also for rofessional recording studio, radio studio, outdoor erformance, etc.

Wide alication :

Light ortable design, easy installation,&nbs; only 120g It can be easily mounted on various desktos stand, small triods, cantilever arms and floor stands.

1. Effectively minimizes unwanted sounds during recordings, such as plosive, wind interference, saliva spraying, pops, crackles, breath sounds, and echos.

2. Provides protection against saliva corrosion or accidental drops, thereby preserving the lifespan of your cherished microphones.

3. Having our product, you will have no need for a vocal booth and a separate pop filter. It offers a more compact and portable solution, enabling cost savings.

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