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Brand Name: Senbossi

All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: Yes

Controllers: No

Sensor Type: VR Headset Compatible with Smartphones

Origin: Mainland China


Viewing Experience: Immersive

Display Number: Single

Compatible Device: smartphones

Type: Binocular

Base Stations: No

Package: Yes

Certification: NONE

Bundle: Bundle 1

Real-time Map Construction: No

Gesture Recognition: No

Camera: No

Set Type: Glasses Only


1. 20% increase in clarity / upgrade of non-disturbing shading dust cover / bionic appearance, artistic beauty / independent adjustment of left and right eyes / upgraded button layout is more reasonable.

2. Detachable large screen frame / giant screen / small screen can be switched, no matter small screen mobile phone or large screen mobile phone, switch at will.

3. 120° large viewing angle, professional-grade configuration recommended by enthusiasts.

4. The different degrees of the two eyes can be adjusted, within approximately 800 degrees, and can be adjusted for naked eyes. The degrees of the two eyes are different and can be adjusted independently.

5. Full screen effect, rejecting the black box effect, and obtaining a larger field of view with a smaller volume.

6. Blue light coated lenses, entertainment and health at the same time.

7. Applicable to 99% of mobile phones, Android and Apple can be used for 5-7 inch smart phones.

8. Start the 3D journey easily, install the APP on the mobile phone, put the mobile phone into the glasses, and start the 3D journey.

9. Playing games is exciting, as if you are in the game, a new game experience.



Wearing method: head-mounted

Screen size: suitable for 5-7 inch mobile phones

Support blue light/use blue light coating lens


packing list:

1*VR glasses+1*Instruction



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