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Application: Desktop

Brand Name: Ajazz

Operation Style: Mechanical

Style: Standard

Keyboard Standard: 68 keys

Origin: Mainland China

Interface Type: USB


Language: English

Choice: yes

• Mechanical Operation :The AJAZZ AK680 Mechanical Keyboard offers a superior typing experience with its mechanical operation, ensuring a quick and accurate response every time.

• Compact Design :Its compact design makes it perfect for gaming laptops, fitting comfortably on any desktop or laptop screen without compromising on functionality.

• 68 Keys Standard :With its standard 68 keys layout, this keyboard provides all the functionality of a full-size keyboard, ensuring no compromises in usability.

• Wired Connection :The wired connection ensures stable and reliable performance, reducing lag and providing a seamless gaming experience.

• English Language Support :The keyboard supports the English language, making it ideal for international users who prefer a bilingual interface.

Product Brand: AJAZZ Blackjack

Model No: AK680

Product weight: about 460g

Shell material: ABS injection molding

Matrix: Single mode full key punchless / Dual mode fixed 19 key punchless

Battery: dual-mode dry cell power supply (two 7 batteries, not complimentary) lighting effects: single-mode zone color mixing / dual-mode no light

Keycap Material: ABS

Product Size: 310X-0X19mm

Cable length: Single mode 1.6M PVC cable with shielded magnetic ring (white)

Key Layout: 68 key layout

Transmission method:USB wired

Supported Systems: Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10/11, Mac, Android Packing List:Keyboard*1, Single-mode cable*1, Manual*1, Pearl cotton bag, Key puller/shaft puller 2-in-1*1


1, keep the keyboard clean and hygienic, regular cleaning of the keyboard can avoid the impact of dust and dirt on the keyboard to extend the life of the keyboard, you can use some cleaner or make strong and other tools to clean.

2, avoid long time keyboard, long time keyboard easily lead to finger fatigue and injury.


1、How many keys on the keyboard? --68 keys

2、Keyboard shaft body? --Sleeve shaft body

3. keycaps? -- ABS keycaps

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