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Brand Name: beok

Origin: Mainland China

Theory: Temperature Controller

Max Measuring Temperature: 50°C - 69°C

Certification: CE

Style: Wall Hanging

Usage: indoor

Model Number: R9V

Power Type: AA Battery

Is Smart Device: YES

Power: 3pcs AA Battery

Suitable for: Dry Contact Gas Boiler

Temperature setting range: 5~95℃

Temperature hysteresis: ±0.5℃

Temperature display: Display ℃, not ℉

APP: Tuya/Smart Life

Type 1: wifi thermostat

Type 2: smart thermostat

Type 3: wifi heating thermostat

Type 4: temperature control thermostat

Type 6: Battery powered thermostat

Type 7: thermostat for gas boiler

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


【Wifi Function】Tuya/Smart Life. Remote control through mobile phone, anytime, anywhere.
【Voice Assistant】Work with Google Home/Alexa.You can voice control the thermostat to turn off, on, and heat up.
【Powered By Battery】-Do not need install separate AC power, easy to install.
【3 working modes】Manual mode/Automatic mode (programming mode)/Temporary manual mode.
【Programmable】5+2/6+1/7,Three programming modes, allowing you to set temperatures for six different time periods workday, making your life more convenient.
【Data statistics function】You can view the working status of the temperature controller in the past time within the mobile app.
【Antifreeze function】After activating the antifreeze function, when there is no need for heating indoors, the temperature controller will automatically detect the temperature and ensure that the indoor temperature is not lower than 5 ℃ to prevent indoor equipment from freezing.
【Child Lock】After opening the child lock, it can prevent children from changing settings arbitrarily.
【Temperature hysteresis】When set to 0.5, when the indoor temperature is 0.5 ℃ lower than the set temperature, the temperature controller will start heating. When the indoor temperature gauge is 0.5 ℃ higher than the set temperature, the temperature controller will stop heating.
【Screen display】Because it is battery powered, after stopping the operation, the thermostat will automatically turn off the screen after 3 seconds to save battery power.
【Display the weather】The thermostat will synchronize the weather within the app.

Wiring diagram

Just connect 2 wires to the boiler for easy installation.


Power supply:3 x 1.5 V alkaline AAbatteries
Temperature setting range:5~95℃
Switch deviation:0.5~10℃,Factory setting 0.5 ℃
Ambient temperature:-5~50℃
Setpoint temperature accuracy:0.5℃

Package List:

Thermostat * 1
Screws * 2

Q & A:

Q: Why can't I connect to WiFi?

Before wifi connection.
1: make sure your wlan network is 2.4ghz, not 5G.
2: Confirm that the wifi password and name only have letters
3: Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on
4: Make sure the wifi your phone is already connected to is on the same network as your thermostat

Q: Why can't the thermostat connect to smart life?

Friend, our product can connect to the Smart Life app. If you can't connect to the Smart Life app, you can try connecting to the Tuya app
If it is not possible to connect, please send your operation video to our customer service, and we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.
If you can connect, please send us the virtual ID of the thermostat and let us know your phone model. We will contact our technical personnel to resolve the issue for you.

Q:  How many temperatures does the thermostat display?

This temperature controller only displays Celsius degrees (℃) and does not display Fahrenheit degrees (℉). Please pay attention before purchasing.

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