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Brand Name: XLON

Origin: Mainland China

HDD Capacity: 1TB

Certification: CE

Interface Rate: 50-80 MB/s

Model Number: Z18

Shell Material: Metal

Interface Type: USB 3.0

Has External Power Supply: No

Size: 2.5"

Launch Date: 2013

Speed: 5400rpm

Cache: 8MB

Package: Yes

Style: HDD

Type: External

Application: Desktop

Application: Laptop

Application: Server

Application: Monitoring

Products Status: STOCK

dimension: 11.8CM*8CM*1.4CM

capacity: 500GB/1TB

Packing list: Mobile hard disk + data cable + packing box

OEM: OEM available

500GB/1TB: for PS4 PS5

Choice: yes

Special reminder

1. FAT format

2, the computer can not find the hard disk, check the desktop computer connected to the back of the USB, the hard disk needs 5V1A power supply, do not use a multi-connector, the hard disk directly connected to the computer, otherwise the voltage is not enough to start.

3, if you can not find, you can right-click "My computer", choose "management" - "Disk management", there is an unallocated drive letter capacity below, right-click, initialize, after initialization, right-click format

4, if it doesn't work, you can try another computer

5, the capacity will be 7% less, the hard disk decimal to computer binary, there will be capacity problems

6, PlayStation available

PS game consoles must be genuine and cannot be cracked

Game console model: Only supports PS4 and PS5 consoles with system software version 4.50 or higher

Instructions for formatting hard drives for extended storage and operation:



Mobile hard disk use tips

1. The useful capacity of all hard disks after formatting is 93%

Friends often reflect that the purchase of mobile hard disk capacity is insufficient, in fact, due to the difference in the calculation method of the manufacturer and the calculation method of the computer system. Since the unit of computer computing capacity is bit, according to the computer algorithm, the calculation standard per K is 1024, that is to say

1GB=1024X 1024X 1024BIT=1073741824 BIT The default algorithm of disk production is 1000 per K:

1GB= 1000 X 1000X 1000 BIT=1000000000 BIT

In other words, the capacity calculated by the manufacturer is actually 93% of the computing capacity of the computer.

For example: buy an 80G hard disk, then, according to the manufacturer's calculation method capacity should be

80GBX 93%=74.4GB

In addition, due to the different processes of each manufacturer when making hard disks, the actual calculated capacity will have some small deviations, roughly in this range.

2. Use a rear USB port for desktop computers

Lack of power supply is the main reason why many mobile hard disks do not recognize the disk. Do not use extension cords and hubs when using, some desktop computers mainly use the USB interface behind the host, the USB interface in front of the computer host is only equivalent to the USB extension cable, the power may not be enough. When the power supply is insufficient, the read and write performance of the hard disk deteriorates, and this is the main cause of data failure. Do not read or write files at this time.

3. Exit safely after use

After the mobile hard disk is connected to the computer, a plug-and-play device will appear in the lower-right corner of the task bar. Before removing the device, please be sure to close all programs and files related to the hardware. Click the plug-and-play device in the lower-right corner, select the mobile hard disk delete, and then remove it after confirming. (Note: some computers have poor system and software impact, resulting in no effective removal of hardware, in this case can only be directly removed, but must be reconnected once, and then normal deletion to restore the hard disk head position)

4. Do not move or move when using

Mobile hard disk is a "mobile storage device", but the internal hard disk is still running at high speed when in use and after stopping use. Please try to lay it flat when running, do not move or move it. It is absolutely prohibited to turn over the mobile hard disk when in use! Do not move or move the hard disk within a short period of time after removing it to avoid fatal injury to the magnetic head of the hard disk.

5. Prevent falls

Mobile hard disk is not a U disk, be careful not to hit the mobile hard disk box, landing, there is a chance of hard disk damage.

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