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Brand Name: ILIFE

Function: Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type

Origin: Mainland China

Power (W): 40w

Voltage (V): 14.4V

Dust Box Capacity (L): >2 L

Remote Control: No

Filter Type: HEPA

Weight: 6-10 kg

Bag Or Bagless: With Bag


Dust Storage Type: Dust Box/Dust Bucket

Battery Life: 2 hours-2 hours and 30 minutes

Installation: Robot

Timing Reservation: Yes

Number of operating modes: 3-4

Cord Length (m): WireLess

Cleaning Route: Planned Type

Certification: ce

Certification: ROHS

Liquid tank volume: <3l

Battery Type: Li-ion

Turbo Brush: No

Size of Vacuum: 320mm*320mm*92.5mm

Size of Dock: 320mm*240mm*165mm

2-in-1 Box: Dust 250ml/Water 240ml

Noise: ≤65dB

Weight: 3.8kg

Charging Time: 5h

APP Name: tuya smart

T10s connects to the website of the APP tutorial:

T10s FAQ

1. The robot does not collect dirt or garbage.

The dustbin filter is maybe block. Remove the dustbin and check if it is block. (High-efficiency filter has a service life about six months)

2. The robot in circles around one direction.

The wheels maybe blocked with hair, clean it with tools. (if there is still the phenomenon, please contact our after-sales service)

3. The robot cleans in a small area and change direction frequently.

The machine nose wheel is blocked with objects. Remove the nose wheel and cleaning.

4. Why can't the water tank be filled?

When opening the lid to fill water, please fill the water slowly with a small flow rate, tilt the other end of the water tank, let the water fill the other end first

5. Can not find the charging station?

The charging station is placed against the wall, each side is 0.5 meters, and there is no obstacle in the front 1.5 meters. Away from signal interference, such as router TVs,mirrors, windows, etc.

6. The side brushes are not working or rotating very slowly.

The robot’s battery is low and has entered into search mode for the charging base. The robot's side brushes and wheels will move slower in this mode.

Side brushes are jammed by debris. Remove and clean them.

7. It is found that the charging station cannot be connected for charging.

Clean the robot charging pins and the Charging contact shrapnel on the Auto-empty station with a dry cloth. Check whether the indicator light on the Auto-empty station is always on, and check whether the dust box is properly installed in place

8. The robot cannot avoid the obstacle and will hit it directly.

The bumpers on the machine have rubber, and the robot will hit the furniture lightly without causing any damage.

9. Why doesn't the Auto-empty station suck up the trash?

Please check whether the power cord is plugged in, whether the indicator light on the front of the Auto-empty station is on, and whether the dust bag is properly installed inside

10. How often to replace the dust bag inside the Auto-empty station?

The capacity of the dust bag is 2.5L. If it is cleaned every two days, the dust bag should be replaced every 60 days or so.If there are a lot of garbage that needs to be cleaned, you can observe and calculate the specific time according to your own environment

11. The robot have a cliff sensor, Why is it that it will fall off the stairs?

The cliff sensors contaminated, turn the machine over and wipe the cliff sensors of the robot bottom and restart.

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