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Brand Name: B.O.W

Origin: Mainland China

Application of Operating System: Windows

Category: touch pad

Model Number: LTP-03

Package: Yes

Size of Sensing Area: 100*80mm

Sensor Type: Electromagnetic pressure sensor

Certification: CE

Type: Touch Pads

Interface Type: bluetooth

Weight: 200g

Category: Touch Pad


Battery capacity: 300MA

Work distance: >10

Connection method: Bluetooth 5.0

Appearance color: White

System requirements: IPADOS system; Windows 8 or above system

Size: 120x110x10.6mm

Feature 1: Rechargeable

Feature 2: Touchpad Mouse

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Function description:

1. Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth device name: Bluetooth touch

2. Power supply: 300mA lithium battery power supply Charging: Charging current 250mA, charging time approximately 2 hours

3. Working current 16mA, continuous battery life 14 hours

4. Energy saving: 5 seconds without use, enter first level sleep current 5mA, 15 seconds without operation, enter second level sleep 20uA, 1 hour without operation, enter deep sleep, press button to wake up

5. LED status indication, one red and one green light

6. Low voltage indication, red light flashing slowly below 3.3V (flashing 10 times at a frequency of 1 second, flashing when there is an action),

7. Charging indicator: Connect the USB charging cable, the red LED is permanently on, and the red light is off after charging is completed;

Bluetooth function operation instructions:

1. After powering on, the red light flashes once and the blue light turns on for 3 seconds before going out;

2. Short press the pairing button once and the blue light will flash slowly (once per second) to enter pairing mode. The blue light will flash quickly 3 times per second Flashing 6 times indicates successful code matching Failed to exit Bluetooth pairing mode after 60S code pairing

3. iPad and Windows 8,10,11 systems that support IPadOS13.4 or later operating systems will automatically recognize the paired device operating system after pairing.(!!!the Touchpad not support MAC system ,please note that )


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