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Brand Name: Giexperience

Timer Type: Ac Pro

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: SGW-08

Type: Garden Water Timers

Material: Plastic

Choice: yes

TYPE:WIFI Bluetooth Watering Timer

Main Funtion:

This kit including one wifi water timer and one wifi gateway.

one gateway can pair with max 32 water timers.

Bluetooth communication with wifi gateway and water timer.

Set and check irrigation schedule through smart phone APP.

Manually rain delay function.

manually watering.

Normal timing, cyclic timing for watering. 

build-in filter.

Technical Parameter:

3/4 inch BSP or NH inlet Two 3/4 inch BSP or NH outlet thread.

Working pressure:7.25-116 psi

Max flow:5L/min-35L/min 

IP55 water proof

Working temperature 0-50 Celsius

Battery life 6 months

wifi timer power by 4 AA batteries.wifi gaterway power by AC power

irrigation mode:

watering frequency:At least one minute

watering times:No limit

watering duration:from 1 min to 24h

Cyclic mode:

working time:Unlimited

watering time:1 min to 24h

interval timer:1 min to 24h

Product advantages

1. The product setting is simple. Compared with the traditional water valve, the product setting and operation are simple

2. The timing program can continue to run without connecting to the gateway or mobile phone

3. According to the local weather, the water valve automatically delays watering (requires a gateway), and the weather delay can also be set manually

4. The timing program is flexible, customers can set multiple sets of timings according to the use scene, up to 15 sets

5. Connect the gateway, cooperate with the humidity sensor, can do scene linkage

6. The product can be used flexibly, it can be used with a gateway or a single water valve

7. The week mode can be selected at regular time, and the use is more user-friendly

8. Cycle timing, can run in a period of time

9. The running time is as small as 1 minute, which is suitable for drip irrigation and spraying scenes.

10. The shell is made of UV resistant material, which will not deform or crack under high temperature

11. The magnetic valve has good sealing performance, no water leakage, and stable performance

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