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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Timer Type: Ac Pro

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: SGW08

Type: Garden Water Timers

Material: Plastic

ECF-SGW08W: Two-Way Smart Water Valve Graffiti Bluetooth + Gateway Imperial Thread

Smart Timer: Intelligent voice controlled dual water timer

Smart Home Platform: Alexa,Tuya,Google Assistant

WiFi Type: 2.4G Wi-Fi

Protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n & Bluetooth

Waterproof: IPX5

Suitable for: Watering plants, lawns, pots, nurseries, gardens, farms, for drip irrigation in patios, outdoors and more. It can even be used to automatically refill your fish tanks, aquariums, swimming pools etc

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

How Do I Connect My Water Valve and Gateway to Smart Life ?

1. Scan the QR code on the box to download the Smart Life app. Or search for "Smart Life" in the app and download it.

2. Pair the WI-FI hub

Turn on your phone's Bluetooth and WiFi; enter your password and connect to Wi-Fi (only 2.4G Wi-Fi is supported).

Plug the Wi-Fi hub into an indoor outlet.

Press and hold the gateway button until the light flashes.

Open the Smart Life App and click on "+" and "Add device";

Select "Gateway Control" > "Wireless Gateway (BLE)" > Add WiFi Hub.

Wait for 100% connection. Edit the name of the Hub and finish.

Select an indoor location for the hub that is close to the router and an external location for the timer that is within Wi-Fi range. (The distance between the gateway and the water timer should be no more than 50 feet).

3. After connecting the WiFi hub, add the timer to the WiFi hub.

1. Pull out the tray on the back of the timer, insert 4 AA batteries and install the tray.

2. Press and hold one of the buttons for 6 seconds until both green lights flash rapidly at the same time to keep the water timer in pairing mode.

Click on "Add Device" to add a timer to the hub. Select "Add New Device"

4. Wait for the connection to be 100%. Edit the name of your water timer and finish.

WIFI Tuya Smart Valve Automatic Water Timer Outdoor Farm Garden Intelligent Sprinkler Timer Work with Alexa and Google Assistant

【Smart WiFi Dual Water Timer】--WiFi remote control Dual Water Timer, scan the QR code to download the free Android or IOS app (APP : Tuya Smart / Smart Life) and install it. Add WiFi sprinkler timer and WiFi hub on APP, after connecting the wifi hose timer to 2.4GHz WiFi, you can remotely turn on/off the water valve anytime, anywhere, program the timer for smart watering, to Save Water&Time. will automatically water your plants, lawn, pots, nursery, garden, farm, suitable for yard Drip irrigation, outdoor, etc. It can even be used to automatically refill your fish tank, aquarium, pool, etc. Without WiFi you can still connect to Bluetooth within an effective distance of 15m.

【Smart Voice Control】--Smart dual water timer with wifi hub can be used with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to turn the garden hose watering timer on and off with simple voice commands.

【Recurring Watering Mode】--The hose timer has a recurring watering mode, allowing you to recursively water for a set period of time. You can set the start time, duration, interval and end time of watering on the irrigation timer. For example, you can set the time for each watering to 10 minutes and the watering interval to 1 hour.

【Timed Watering Mode】--The hose timer has a timed watering mode where you can set a timed watering schedule for your garden hose watering timer. Customise the start time, continuous watering time and weekly watering cycle of the hose tap timer for odd/even days/every few days to meet your different watering needs.

【2 Sparate Watering Spouts】--This hose timer for watering has two separate watering spouts, allowing you to set 2 separate watering schedules for each zone. Up to 20 watering schedules can be set to meet your different watering needs. (One port can only set 10 schedules, 2 ports is 20 schedules)

【Rain Delay Mode】--The hose programmable watering timer has a rain delay function that allows you to set a flexible delay time of 1 to 7 days depending on the local rainfall conditions. Delaying your watering schedule during rainfall and will automatically resume the previous watering schedule to avoid over watering. Click the button to activate manual watering. The timer has the ability to allow you to water manually without disrupting the program's schedule. You can all stop the water flow at any time.

【Waterproof & Low Power Consumption】--This garden hose timer is made of IP55 waterproof material, which can withstand any weather condition.The battery cover has a sealing ring to isolate moisture, which is perfect for outdoor use.The battery has low power consumption and lasts over 6 months.The app will remind you to replace the battery when it falls below 20%.

【Easy to Install】--360° Rotatable interface for easy and quick installation.Built-in metal filter can withstand high water pressure from 7.25psi-116psi for more consistent control of water flow and greater resistance to interference.Comes with 2 threaded reducers, 2 1/2" garden hose male threads, 2 threaded sealing bands.Hose faucet connection is suitable for connection to 3/4" or 1/2" size faucets.Two outlets can be connected to any standard 3/4" or 1/2

Expanding Irrigation System--A WiFi hub can expand up to 32 WiFi water sprinkler timers, building an intelligent irrigation system for your garden and taking over the watering tasks of the garden. In addition, you can add family members to the application and share household irrigation management.

Dual Hose Faucet Timer Specification :

1.Bluetooth Range : 49.2ft without interference

2.Working Water Pressure : 7.25-116 psi

3.Working Temperature : 40.1°F-113°F (4.5°C-45℃)

4.Rain Delay Time :1 day and up to 7 days


6.Battery : 4x AA Alkaline Batteries(Not Included)

Note :

A . Do not mix alkaline batteries, standard batteries (carbon zinc) or rechargeable batteries.

B . Turn on Your WaterThe water must remain on for the timer to work properly.

Gateway Specification :

1.Working Humidity :10%-90% RH (no condensation)

2.Range :49.2ft without interference

3.Input :110-250V-50/60Hz

4.WiFi Frequency :2.4GHz only

5.Protocol:IEEE 802.11b/g/n & Bluetooth

6.APP : Smart Life

7.Total Number Connected : 32 MAX

8.Note :For Indoor Use Only

Note : Only 2.4G Wi-Fi is supported. Choose an indoor location for your hub that is close to the router and outside of your timer and within range of the Wi-Fi. Do not place the timer in an underground valve box or anywhere that will block the Bluetooth signal.

Note :

1. There is a default name of the device(Zone1 / Zone2). You can edit the device name by yourself. And if you use the incorrect command, it will not work.

2. if you not use WIFI hub, it will not work.

Warm Tips :

The best range for connection and control is within49.2ft in the open area.

Do not use your timer when the air temperature is below 40°F(4.5°℃), the timers should be removed from the hose faucet and stored indoors to avoid potential frozen damage.

Filter can trap dirt particles, please clean filter regularly and replace if worn.

Please replace batteries when the low battery indicator appears the display. When replacing the power unit, please make sure that the water timer is dry.

To prevent leakage, make sure that the water timer is tightly attached to the faucet and hose, add rubber washer and thread seal tape if necessary.

Note :

(1) The water flow is reduced by half when the two zones are turned on at the same time.

(2)The water flow in two zones may be different if you turn on one zone first and then turn on the other zone.

Trouble shooting :

Q1 : Why the Bluetooth water timer didn't turn on/off at preset time?

A1 :

1.Programming is incorrect

2.Water pressure is too low

3.Particles of dirt or debris stuck in valve

4.More than one start time is programmed with 5.overlapping schedules

6.Manual watering is on

7.Faulty valve

8.The batteries were low

9.The faucet is off.

Q2: Why Bluetooth keeps dropping connection?


The Bluetooth of water timer is currently in sleep mode, please wait 5-10 seconds, the device will automatically reconnect. Or scroll down to refresh the home page of the APP, or disconnect the Bluetooth from your phone and turn it on again

If the device has been connected by other mobile phones, please disconnect first.

Make sure the device battery is charged and place the phone as close to the device as possible.

Please note that you don't need to stay connect once you setup your schedule. The device will always keep your watering settings and work automatically according to the schedule.

Q3: Why is the water valve out of little water?


If your are gravity feed system such as rain barrel system, then it won't work and will keep low water pressure. Gravity feedhas no real pressure when dealing with a rain barrel. It needspressure measuring.

Brand Story

World Love , China Made !

YIERYI Brand Was Registered in 2016. The Main Products are Refractometers, PH Meters, Tds, Ec Pens, Soil Meters, Kitchen Scales, and Jewelry Scales. In Order to Ensure the Accuracy of the Data, We Gave Up the Low-Cost Chip, Selected High-Precision Taiwan Imported and South Korea Imported Chips, the Design Chose a Portable Pen-Type Design, Light, Beautiful, and Easy to Carry. All Products will be Tested, Calibrated and Used by Ourselves to Ensure that the Quality is Qualified and Then Promoted. We Want to Let this Healthy Brand Enter Every Family and Every Corner of the World, and Pass on the Dream of " World Love, China Made " !

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