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Brand Name: GOOJODOQ

Origin: Mainland China

Operation Style: Capacitive

Language: English


Application: Desktop

Application: Laptop

Application: Tablet

Keyboard Standard: 78 Keys

Style: Standard

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Package: Yes

Interface Type: USB

Wrist Support: No

Full Size keyboard: No

Choice: yes

Cross device second switching

It can quickly switch back and forth in three connected devices, memoryautomatically connects back and forth, multiple jobs do not delay

Three systems in common

Compatible with mainstream systems, switching in seconds
Support Android /Windows/MAC(IOS)traditional windows and othermainstream operating systems, switching across device seconds

Mouse and keyboard rechargeable

Built in large capacity rechargeable battery ,long life, bid farewell to thetrouble of electricity

Common receiver(Plug and play)

Keyboard and mouse share one receiver, only one USB interface, plug and play

The mouse be able to connect two devices(2.4G wireless+Bluetooth)

The mouse can connect two devices, and can quickly switch back and forth between the two devices through the button on the back ofthe mouse

Multimedia functior

F1-F2 is multi-media function,office and entertainment are the same

Note: switch to the corresponding system when connecting different devicesFN +s(traditional windows mode),start F1-F12 function

Product parameters

1. 2.4G connection

First plug the receiver into the computer USB port, turn on the mouse switch and set it to 2.4G, the light will flash for about 1 second, it will automatically connect, then turn on the keyboard switch and turn it to the ON position, the connection is successful about 1 second after the light flashes, if the light does not flash Just unplug the receiver and plug it in again. When not in use, you can directly turn off the keyboard and mouse without dialing out the receiver and turn it on automatically next time;

2. Bluetooth connection

Turn on the device's Bluetooth, turn on the mouse to the Bluetooth icon position, use Bluetooth to search for the name and connect directly, turn the keyboard switch to the ON position, press FN+1 or FN+2 for about one second, the light will stop after flashing, and it will be searched by Bluetooth direct connection. Note: Because this product supports Bluetooth 3.0 and 5.2 dual versions, there will be two Bluetooth hotspots in the Bluetooth search, no matter which one can be connected to use, version 3.0 only supports devices with lower Bluetooth version, version 5.2 supports Bluetooth 4.0 and above ios version 13 and above devices.

How to connect:

Press FN+C open the keyboard bluetooth function (Red light will flash) , then open the bluetooth of the laptop or tablet to connect

System support:

For Android: Press"FN+Q"

For Windows: Press"FN+W"

For IOS: Press"FN+E"

Multi-device connection:

1.FN+1: Connect to Bluetooth device 1

2. FN+2: Connect to Bluetooth device 2

3.FN+3: connect to usb, 2.4G wireless reception

4. FN+1,2,3 combination single press: you can switch paired devices

5. FN+1,2, press and hold the combination for 3 seconds: flashing light, you can start the searched state (connecting to a new device)


This keyboard does not include Bluetooth adapter. If your device does not have Bluetooth, you will need to purchase an additional Bluetooth adapter.

The keyboard will automatically go into power savings mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. Press any key and wait 2-3 seconds to wake the keyboard.

There is no Escape key for Mac-book

The auto-correct feature on Pads is disabled when keyboard is in use.

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